The new VMF/B motor brake

September 7th 2020

LoSi Ltd introduces the new VMF/B motor brake with integrated brake


LoSi is always continuing to expand its product range. LoSi is pleased to introduce the VMF/B flange mounted braked motor

The M+S Motor/Brakes are intended for hydraulic drive of operating systems, where the block and the release of the drive must be by means of hydraulic energy. The system has small overall dimensions and minimum weight. In the package are combined efficient hydraulic power of hydro motors type VMF with a reliable integral hydraulic disc brake. The Motor-brake unit is designed for attachment to the free wheels of the low speed agricultural and transport machines with high load capacity.
The M+S Motor/Brakes are intended to operate as static or parking brakes. Typical applications include wheel drives, conveyors, rotators, positioners, winches, and swing drives.


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