Steering Systems

HKU/HKUS Hydraulic Steering Units

  • Open Centre, Closed Centre, Load Sense Options
  • Displacements from 40 – 1000 cm3/rev
  • Flangeable & line mounted valves for various functions
  • Steering unit types HKU, HKUS, XY

Steering Unit Accessories

  • Priority valves
  • Flange mounted
  • Line mounted
  • Static & Dynamic type

HKUM Hydraulic Steering Units

  • Compact design mini steering unit
  • Displacement from 32cc – 100cc
  • Open Centre & Power Beyond

Steering Wheels

  • Polyurethane & Polypropylene construction
  • Various Sizes
  • With & without knob


Steering Columns

  • 38mm & 45mm dia available
  • Check catalogue for lengths available
  • Electric switch option also available


Electrical FNR & TSI Shifters

  • Forward reverse shifters
  • Turn signal indicator shifters
  • Many options available
  • Please check with our office for details


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